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How to play is an intense battle royale io game. Inside pirate themed fight toward death you'll start-off as an easy level 1 character who hardly is able to move their particular blade. Over time and experience you are going to gradually commence to level up, each brand-new degree expands you slightly and tends to make your swings more powerful. You may not be resistant to the assaults of lower level figures, nonetheless they have a harder time destroying you than some one of the same level or maybe more.Yohoho unblocked As you struggle additionally coins scattered through the entire map. Gather just as much as you are able to, when you tend to be beaten you'll be delivered to a store screen enabling one to update your character and personalize how they look, plus unlock cool such things as weapons, and animals. It is a tactical arena struggle game for only the hardiest of souls. Are you going to win_ Are you going to lose_ all of it precipitates to how you have fun with the game.How to playCollect doubloons getting biggerKill various other people to collect their bootySurvive longer to amount up and uncover the brand-new islandsBuy brand-new characters together with your doubloons in order to become much more powerful


Mouse_ Controls movementLeft mouse switch_ assault


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